My message to a lonely girl

We are the one who can feel the world, because it lies within our core.

Loneliness, I can feel your loneliness. Alone for awhile, searching deep within, you can see the dark and light, the sorrow and joy. However, no one can notice you, no one cares about you.

I can see you everyday, eyes looking so far… I know you can see that land faraway, where love is waiting for you.

You care about others, you care about their feelings, thoughts and other things that they do. The problem is, they are the one who doesn’t care about you, everything about you is nothing for them. Despite of that, you are continuing to care about them, you even love them wholeheartedly.

That is the reason you are so alone, because you haven’t placed any love for yourself. That’s why you feel so sad, because you have loved so much.

I am here, take my hand and close your eyes.

Yes, you are the girl within me. You are a part of my soul, the balance of it. Because balance is important in this world… we need each other. So that when you are alone, I will be your companion. When you feel sad, I will be your happiness. And when you are weak, I will be your strength.

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About rhoneaway

Degree Holder. Writer. Free Thinker. Poet. Philosopher. Harry Potter Fan. A realist on a journey to his personal legend. A person... and a FRIEND! ^_^ Twitter/Instagram: rhoneaway

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  1. Lovely writing best befiting those who have lost hope in believing in themselves and much good and compassion they have.
    Thank you.

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